Sucky customer service sucks.
ServiceQC is quality control for service providers (restaurants, retail, etc.).
So, what are we building?
Mobile surveys
Customer retention
No one wants to spend 5-10 minutes filling out an online survey. SMS surveys increase response rates - which is good because you should be collecting feedback from customers daily.

We make it dead simple to start collecting customer feedback from text messages.
Being able to analyze the data you collect will help you make sound business decisions. We provide you with a simple dashboard of easy-to-read charts and reports to make crunching the numbers painless.
When you discover that something is wrong, you want to be able to fix it right away. Our platform will allow you respond quickly to customer complaints and easily reward your loyal patrons.
Who are we?
Chris Davis
Jessie Washington
New Progress Group is focused on developing products that help businesses improve the bottom line.

We are currently based in Lubbock, TX.

Co-founder of New Progress Group.

Skills: Data analysis, strategic planning

Co-founder of New Progress Group

Skills: Marketing, Behavior Analysis

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